Get Involved

What would you like to do to advance Freedom and Libertarian ideas?

What is it about Freedom that Drives you and want to share it with others?  Please
tell us what drives your passion for Liberty.

  • Do you have some great online skills? Can you share stories, posts, leave comments?  You can help!  Click with a purpose!  Let us know.
  • Are you a Meme maker or great with Photoshop? We can always use a great Libertarian meme and more artwork.  You are the modern-day artist & political cartoonist!
  • Are you a natural born leader and strategist? We can add you to our officer team and help guide and build the party into something better.
  • You like having fun and more of the social butterfly? Your skills in putting the occasional events together would be awesome!  Things best happens when people meet in Real Time!
  • Enjoy doing political commentary with a Libertarian slant? Your online videos and/or letters to the editors would be fantastic and help get the work out.
  • Good with numbers? Mapping, tracking voters and crunching numbers on our growth is boring to some but not to you.  Numbers matter and shows opportunities!
  • You a master of the written language? Well, crafting up the perfect press release or newsletter is exactly something we need!
  • Are You a natural born sales person and not afraid to close the deal? Well, if you put these skills to work to raise donations, you help us spread a lot of Freedom in many ways.
  • You like to help others? Everyone can use an extra pair of hands and eyes on the task at hand.  You are the secret and silent warrior that allows everything to get done!
  • Into local politics? We need someone with your passion to keep us abreast of local government and issue opportunities to maintain and grow our Freedom here locally.

WHAT is YOUR PASSION and how would YOU like to make a difference for Freedom?


Please let us know at  or contact us here.

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